Speaker: Andrew Kelley

Grace Renews Nature

Stopped, Sent, Supplied

A Tale of Two Trials

The Marks of a Powerful Witness


The Humble Road

Finding Contentment

The Upside Down World

The Testing of Jesus

Grace and Liberty

Church Planting Strategies

Witnessing in a Pluralist World

True Conversion

The Gospel According to Peter

Our Faithful God

The Power of Servanthood

The Spirit-Filled Church

Learning to Walk

Christian Unity Lived

The Big Picture of Praise

Gospel Basics

Summer Psalms: Hearts Poured Up : Psalm 23

Summer Psalms: Hearts Poured Up : Psalm 107

Summer Psalms: Hearts Poured Up : Psalm 2

Gospel Partnership

Spiritual Gifts Part 8: Speaking the Right Language

Spiritual Gifts Part 7: Who Is Love? Reclaiming Paul’s Greatest Hit

Spiritual Gifts Part 5: Every Church Is Charismatic

Spiritual Gifts Part 2: Living in Light of the End

The Prodigal Father

Jesus’ Lament

The Good Shepherd

The True Son & True Discipleship

Our Light, His Darkness

Where Do You Think You’re Going?

The Problem of Jesus, the Power of Jesus

Inequitable Living

Future Glory Now

A Double Blind Study


True Discipleship

The Gospel According to Bread

The Seed and the Leaven: Small Start, Big Finish