Speaker: Andrew Kelley

Faithful Living

Heart Excavation

Greed, Generosity and Grace

Seeing Clearly

Spectacles of Death

The Word of the Cross

In Christ

The Pouting Prophet

Bad Prophet, Great Revival

Spiritual Disaster

Why Jonah Why?

What Is the Gospel? – Christ

What Is the Gospel? – Man

What Is the Gospel? – Introduction

Worship the King

Grace Renews Nature

Stopped, Sent, Supplied

A Tale of Two Trials

The Marks of a Powerful Witness


The Humble Road

Finding Contentment

The Upside Down World

The Testing of Jesus

Grace and Liberty

Church Planting Strategies

Witnessing in a Pluralist World

True Conversion

The Gospel According to Peter

Our Faithful God

The Power of Servanthood

The Spirit-Filled Church

Learning to Walk

Christian Unity Lived

The Big Picture of Praise

Gospel Basics

Summer Psalms: Hearts Poured Up : Psalm 23

Summer Psalms: Hearts Poured Up : Psalm 107

Summer Psalms: Hearts Poured Up : Psalm 2

Gospel Partnership

Spiritual Gifts Part 8: Speaking the Right Language

Spiritual Gifts Part 7: Who Is Love? Reclaiming Paul’s Greatest Hit

Spiritual Gifts Part 5: Every Church Is Charismatic

Spiritual Gifts Part 2: Living in Light of the End

The Prodigal Father

Jesus’ Lament

The Good Shepherd

The True Son & True Discipleship

Our Light, His Darkness

Where Do You Think You’re Going?