Speaker: Andrew Kelley

New Life

Why Die?

Following Jesus, Part 2

Following Jesus, Part 1

The Victorious Son

The Inauguration

Jesus Presented at the Temple

God’s Many Mercies

Godly Rejoicing

Hearing From God

Defending the Truth

Christian Truth

Divine Testimony

New Birthmarks

Testing Spirits

Urgent Truth

Abiding in Light

Light and Darkness

Faith 101

Gospel 101

The Gospel In John

God Glorified

Direct Access

The Great Servant

The Son’s Mission for the Father’s Glory

The Savior is Born

The First Christmas Carol

Final Exhortations

God’s Word and God’s People

Enduring Affliction

No Body Left Behind

The Pastoral Heart

Paul’s Prayer of Thanksgiving

Wisdom in Finances

Wisdom in Vocation

The Gospel According to Isaiah – Good Friday

Wisdom in Speech

Wisdom in Religion

Wisdom in Temptation

Shepherds Keeping Watch

The New Self

Gospel Witness through Gospel Living

An End to Hostilities

Paul’s Pastoral Prayer

Remembering Our Home

A Higher Rock

Christ is Our Everything

Waiting Well

How to Trust God

I Have Loved You