Men of Hope

We build strong men.

We build men who stand firm in the faith.

Discipleship is both taught and caught. Jesus’ disciples learned from His teaching and from His life. So, we promote a bottom-up culture of discipleship and we provide catalytic contexts for growth where men can connect and share with (and even appropriately challenge) each other, living out what Proverbs conveys as “iron sharpening iron.”

Men's Bible Study

We wake up early to study Scripture and to share our lives. This is an important context for sharpening, and an excellent multi-generational setting to build friendships. Also, coffee.

Join us Wednesdays at 6:30 AM in the sanctuary. No registration, no hassles. Just show and grow.

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Exemplary Husbands

Mature faith produces mature marriages. We believe that Christ-centered, Gospel-driven male leadership in the home is a quality that needs cultivating. Join a group and grow. Check out our Register page to see when the next class is available.

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From the time I was young, my dad encouraged me to build friendships with proven men in our church. As a grown man, I now see the wisdom in his words and I want the same for my son. God continues to use men in our church to shape my life, and I don’t think I would be a pastor today if it weren’t for their Gospel influences.

Pastor Mike

Men's Retreat

Strong men don't retreat, but once a year we take one together. God has a history of showing up on mountaintops. So, every year we go away together to seek God, to study His Word, to become more like His Son, and to come back fired up and transformed to live as His ambassadors.

For Men Only

This is where the company of men gather at Hope on a weeknight after work. Sometimes you will hear from one of our pastors, sometimes we bring in a ringer. Either way, you are well-fed. Especially with the fully-catered BBQ. Plus, have you ever experienced a room full of men singing songs to their Savior? It's powerful.


As iron sharpens iron,
so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

1:1 Discipleship

As believers, each of us has chosen to answer Jesus’ call, “follow me.” Discipleship is all about following Jesus. But He also hasn’t called us to follow Him alone. We don’t believe in lone-ranger Christianity.

Instead, here at Hope, we believe in living life together, and therefore in following Jesus together. Sometimes that happens in a group setting. But we believe that it is also vital for that to happen interpersonally. We want to help you make connections with other men so you don’t walk alone. Speak with one of our Pastors or Elders today to get connected.

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