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What Do You Really Believe About God?

Psalm 91

One Life To Live

Carry Your Cross

Soul Survivor

Disciples Disciple

Following Jesus

Spiritual Courage

Can You Really Trust God?

Bring Your Fears to God

Who or What Do You Fear?

The Freedom of Thankfulness

The Father’s Love

It’s Great To Be Alive!

What Is Good About Good Friday?

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

Pray This Way

Hope at Home

Greed, Generosity and Grace

What Does My Giving Do?

Spiritual Maturity

Passionate Christianity (Show Me the Fruit!)

Seeing Clearly

The Greatest Good News

What Child Is This?

Spiritual Leadership

To Know and Obey Pt. 2

To Know and Obey

Growing in Grace pt. 4

Growing in Grace pt. 3

Understanding Grace pt. 2

Growing in Grace pt. 1

Our Living Hope

What is Good about Good Friday?

Worship the King

The Gospel to Abram

God’s Mission, Our Mission

Priorities—Jesus Style: Take 2

Priorities—Jesus Style

The Humble Road

The Word Became Flesh

Finding Contentment

Spiritual Leadership

The Testing of Jesus

Understanding Sabbath Day: True Rest in Christ

The Lord is My Shepherd

Worship According to the Gospel


O, Come Let Us Adore Him

Thankfulness: A View from Ephesians