Series: No Series

Spiritual Testing

The Goal

Gospel Basics

Faithful Fathering

Knowing What You Want and Wanting What You Know

Gospel Partnership

Faithfulness, the Source of Joy

A Great Church

Listening to God

The Empty House

Unprofitable Servants

Tempted To Give Up?

Resurrection Power

Hear Our Cry

The Priority of Community

Life Transforming Community

What Is Community?

There Is No Perfect Church

The Indescribable Gift


The Prodigal Father

Disciples, Not Enthusiasts

Triumph In and Through Suffering

Religious Hypocrisy and Pride

Jesus’ Lament

The Narrow Door

The Divine Son

The Good Shepherd

Stubborn Unbelief or Spiritual Sight Part 2

Hope’s 45th Anniversary Celebration

Stubborn Unbelief or Spiritual Sight Part 1

Jesus Heals the Man Born Blind

Never See Death

Family Values: “Like Father, Like Son”

The True Son & True Discipleship

Our Light, His Darkness

Who Is This Man?


Where Do You Think You’re Going?

Do You Know Jesus the “Christ”?

The Problem of Jesus, the Power of Jesus

Healing the Wounded Church

Church Purity and Discipline

Precious Children pt. 2

Precious Children

…like little children…

Inequitable Living

Don’t Stop Believin’

Future Glory Now