Book: Matthew

Surprised by Jesus

Enjoy The Security Of Obedience

O Come All You Unfaithful

“What Child is This”

Jesus Rides into Jerusalem

What Was in the Cup?

Carry Your Cross

Soul Survivor

Disciples Disciple

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

Pray This Way

Greed, Generosity and Grace

What Child Is This?

To Know and Obey

God’s Mission, Our Mission

Priorities—Jesus Style: Take 2

Priorities—Jesus Style

The Testing of Jesus

Enjoy the Security of Obedience

Faithfulness, the Source of Joy

Listening to God

The Empty House

Tempted To Give Up?

Hope’s 45th Anniversary Celebration

Healing the Wounded Church

Church Purity and Discipline

Precious Children pt. 2

Precious Children

…like little children…

Inequitable Living


The Master Plan

The Great Confession

Good Eyesight

Seeing Is Not Believing

How To Minister

Inside Out

Walking On Water

The Gospel According to Bread

A Godly vs an Ungodly Man

The Homecoming King

You All Better Recognize

The Seed and the Leaven: Small Start, Big Finish

Wheat and Weeds


The Parable of the Soils Pt. 2

The Parable of the Soils Pt. 1

Who’s In The Family?

The Haunted House

The Demand for a Sign