Book: Matthew

Freedom Under His Yoke

You Can’t Handle The Truth

These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For

Jesus and John the Baptist

The Kingdom of Heaven

Do Not Be Afraid

Full Disclosure

Jesus Instructs the Apostles

The Twelve

The Workers Are Few

Jesus Heals the Blind

A Dead Girl and A Sick Woman

You Can’t Have It Both Ways

Derelicts to Disciples

Authority to Forgive Sins

Jesus’ Authority Over Demons

Jesus’ Power Over Nature

The Cost of Following Jesus

The Woman with a Fever

Just Say the Word

The Man with Leprosy

Hear, Build, Dwell!

Deception and Discernment

Which Way To Heaven?

The Golden Rule


Judging Others

Uncompromised Trust In God – Part 2

Uncompromised Trust in God – Part 1

Kingdom Values Part 3

Kingdom Values Part 2

Kingdom Values Part 1

Do It For Love


Forgiven and Forgiving – Part 2

Forgiven and Forgiving – Part 1

Our Daily Bread

Weeds in the Garden


Prepared for Joy

God’s Sheep in Danger

Your Will Be Done

Your Kingdom Come

Hallowed Be Your Name

Our Father…

How Shall We Pray?

Hypocritical Religious Giving

Love for Enemies

Divorce – Part 2

Divorce – Part 1