Speaker: Steve Sanchez

Summer Psalms – Psalm 100

Not By Sight

The Parable Of The Four Hearts

Counting The Cost Of Christ’s Call

Oh, Do I Love Your Word?

Rest Easy

The Light Has Dawned

The Heart of the Bible

The SaviorÕs Simple Sign

Testing Through Temptation

Christmas in May

When The Church Was A Family – Chapter 6

When The Church Was A Family – Chapter 5

When The Church Was A Family – Intro

In Deep Water

Trust Through Trouble

Do Something! Do Something! Do Something!

He Knows Me!

Faith To Go Through It

Praise To The King


Winning Your Family

The Wrath of God

David And The Defiant Giant


Follower or Fooled?

Eight Excuses – Part 2

Eight Excuses – Part 1

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Between The Rock and a Hard Place

Drop-Dead Disciples?

The Fear of The Lord

Andronicus, Rufus and Us: Everybody Serves

The LordÕs Table

All In The Family

What, Me Worry?

Help Wanted

Space Invaders

SatanÕs Best-Kept Secret

Good Fish, Bad Fish

Get Out of the Boat!

Wheat or Weeds?


Fighting the Terrorist

No Doubt About It!

Murderers in the Church!

The Times They are a ChanginÕ

Jesus Does Lunch

Forgiveness Forever!

Dealing with People Who Hate You!