Book: Luke



Andrew and James

Peter, Part 2

Jesus’ 12 – Peter, Part 1

Jesus’ 12

Lord of the Sabbath

New Life

The Calling of Levi

Power and Authority, Part 2

Power and Authority, Part 1

Jesus Heal the Leper

Following Jesus, Part 2

Following Jesus, Part 1

Jesus Heals Many

What About Demons?

Jesus Rejected at Nazareth

The Victorious Son

John the Baptist, Part 2

John the Baptist, Part 1

Jesus Presented at the Temple

Lying in a Manger

Praise the Lord

Godly Rejoicing

Highly Favored

Hearing From God

Telling The Truth

The First Christmas Carol

“What Child is This”

Shepherds Keeping Watch

How to Celebrate Christmas

Crucified on Purpose

One Life To Live

Following Jesus

The Father’s Love

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

Worship the King

Priorities—Jesus Style: Take 2

How’s Your Attitude about Giving?

Knowing What You Want and Wanting What You Know

A Great Church

Unprofitable Servants


The Prodigal Father

Disciples, Not Enthusiasts

Religious Hypocrisy and Pride

Jesus’ Lament

The Narrow Door

How’s Your Attitude About Giving?

Reversal Of Fortune