Book: John

Left behind

God’s Many Mercies

The Vine And The Branches

The Gospel In John

Our Passover Lamb

The Lonely King, Part 2

The Lonely King, Part 1

Arrested on Purpose

God Glorified

Direct Access

The Comforting King

The Great Servant

The Son’s Mission for the Father’s Glory

The King Has Come

The Humble Road

The Word Became Flesh

“I Am the Resurrection and the Life”

The Divine Son

The Good Shepherd

Stubborn Unbelief or Spiritual Sight Part 2

Stubborn Unbelief or Spiritual Sight Part 1

Jesus Heals the Man Born Blind

Never See Death

Family Values: “Like Father, Like Son”

The True Son & True Discipleship

Our Light, His Darkness

Who Is This Man?


Where Do You Think You’re Going?

Do You Know Jesus the “Christ”?

The Problem of Jesus, the Power of Jesus

True Discipleship

Jesus As Bread To Eat

Gluten Free Gospel

The Deity of Christ: Jesus Calls Witnesses

The Deity of Christ: A Sevenfold Proof

Do You Want To Be Healed?

Make Your Aim True

New Year, New Heart

Good News For The Dead

Rejecting Jesus and His Claim

Testimonies About Jesus

The Son, The Savior, and The Separator

An Ordinary Sabbath, an Unusual Question, an Extraordinary Savior

Jesus, Miracles, and Faith

Come And See

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman – Part 2

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman – Part 1

The Supremacy of Jesus Christ

The Right Response to Jesus