Book: Genesis

What Is the Gospel? – Man

The Gospel to Abram

The Goal

A Savior is Born

ÒA Coffin in EgyptÓ

The Greatest Verse in The Bible

Jacob Blesses His Sons

JacobÕs Blessing on Ephraim & Manasseh

JosephÕs Economic Policies

Jacob Goes to Egypt

Joseph Reveals His Identity

Joseph and His Brothers Ð Part 2

Joseph And His Brothers

PharaohÕs Dreams

The Interpreter of Dreams

Joseph and PotipharÕs Wife

Judah & Tamar

JosephÕs Dreams & Betrayal

JacobÕs Return to Bethel

A Chain of Evil

Jacob is Reconciled with Esau

Jacob Prepares For Esau and Wrestles With God

Jacob Flees From Laban

God Blesses Jacob

Jacob Meets Uncle Laban

Stairway to Heaven

Isaac Blesses Jacob

GodÕs Faithfulness to Isaac

The Death of Abraham Ð Jacob & Esau

SarahÕs Death and a Bride for Isaac

Offering of Isaac

IsaacÕs Birth

WhoÕs the Hero?

Warning Ð Laughter – Intercession

Circumcision and GodÕs Everlasting Covenant

Abram Rescues Lot

AbramÕs Journey of Faith Ð Abram & Lot

AdamÕs Journey of Faith

The Call of Abraham

The Tower of Babel

The Days of Noah

The Fall of Man

Taking the Plunge

The Call To Sacrifice

Sharing the Gospel’s God Way

Hiding From God

Sharing the Gospel God’s Way, Part 1

Through the Bible in One Year, Part 5

Through the Bible in One Year, Part 4

Through the Bible in One Year, Part 2