Book: Exodus

Caring for the Church Body, Part I

What Is the Gospel? – God

His Face was Radiant

The Steps to Renewal – Part 2

The Steps to Renewal – Part 1

The Tent of Meeting

The Aftermath

Moses’ Intercession

The Golden Calf

Three Great Charges

Spiritual Health and Maturity

The Altar of Incense

The Consecration of the Priests

The Garments of the Priest – Part 2

The Garments of the Priests – Part 1

The Altar, The Courtyard and The Oil

The Table And The Lampstand

The Ark

The Tabernacle

The Covenant Ratified

The Rewards of Obedience

The Civil & Religious Laws of Israel

When God Gave the LawÉ

You Shall Not CovetÉ

Deceptive Words – Part 2

Deceptive Words – Part 1

DonÕt Steal

Sexual Sin

God is Pro-Life

A Word To Children

A Day to Pray and Play

WhatÕs in a Name Anyway?

What is Idolatry?

Who is Your God?

The Call To Total Commitment

Moses And Jethro

The Fifth Crisis

What Are You Thirsty For?


The Experience at Marah

Moses’ Great Song of Praise

Crossing the Red Sea

Beginning the Journey

GodÕs Right to The Firstborn

Set Free

The Tenth Plague and The Passover

The Tenth Plague

The Plagues and Their Meaning – Part 3

The Plagues and Their Meaning – Part 2

The Plagues and Their Meaning – Part 1