Book: Acts

Caring for the Church Body, Part II

Spiritual Maturity

Paul in Rome

Grace Renews Nature

Adverse Winds

Stopped, Sent, Supplied

Paul Before Festus

A Tale of Two Trials

The Plot to Kill Paul

Acts 22:22–23:11

The Marks of a Powerful Witness


On To Jerusalem

Love and Concern for the Church


The Gospel and The City

Partnering with the Holy Spirit

A Christian—but not Quite

Paul in Corinth

Paul’s Evangelistic Example

The Upside Down World

The Gospel Comes to Europe

Paul’s Concern for the Church

The Letter

Grace and Liberty

Understanding Sabbath Day: True Rest in Christ

Church Planting Strategies

Witnessing in a Pluralist World

Divine Appointment

Great God, Great Gospel

Set Apart

Divine Intervention

Grace Grows the Church

True Conversion

The Gospel According to Peter

The Greatest Miracle

Saul 2.0

Saul’s Conversion

Philip and the Ethiopian

Not For Sale

Our Faithful God

Irreconcilable Differences

The Power of Servanthood

Persecution and Proclamation

No Church is Perfect

Clear and Present Dangers

Paul’s Second Sermon

The Spirit-Filled Church

Paul Preaches at Pentecost

From God with Us to God in Us