Book: 1 Corinthians

What If There Is No Resurrection?

The Healthy Church

The Work of the Lord: Part 2

The Work of the Lord: Part 1

Resurrection and Return

Resurrected Bodies

Resurrection Motivations

It’s Great To Be Alive!

What If There Is No Resurrection?

The Gospel Truth

Law And Order

Speaking Clearly

A More Excellent Way

One Body, Many Parts – Pt. 2

Spiritual Gifts – Pt. 1

The Lord’s Supper

Women (and Men) In Worship

Christian Liberty and Christian Love

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes

Paul’s Example

Food, Family, and Freedom

Marriage or Singleness

It’s Great To Be Alive!

“Bloom Where You’re Planted”

Faithful Living

Single or Married?

The Body Is for the Lord

Heart Excavation

Immorality Tolerated in the Church

Paul—A Spiritual Father

Spectacles of Death

Being A Servant and Being Judged

Disunity to Unity

The Church—God’s Temple

Constructive Criticism

Wisdom from the Spirit

The Testimony of God

The Word of the Cross

Unity In Christ

In Christ

What Is the Gospel? – Introduction

Resurrection Power

Spiritual Gifts Part 9: Law and Order

Spiritual Gifts Part 8: Speaking the Right Language

Spiritual Gifts Part 7: Who Is Love? Reclaiming Paul’s Greatest Hit

Spiritual Gifts Part 6: One Body, Many Parts

Spiritual Gifts Part 5: Every Church Is Charismatic

Why the Resurrection Matters

Change is Possible

Homosexuality – Part 3