DAY 14

March 29th, 2019

21 Days of Devotion

Read Acts 16:1-40


Even in prison, Paul and Silas pray and sing hymns to God. These very prayers lead to the miraculous earthquake that opens the doors of the prison, and at the same time, lead a desperate guard, assuming that he has failed in his task to guard his prisoners, to a saving faith in Jesus. Prayer frees Paul and Silas from physical bondage — it frees the prison guard from bondage to sin. Prayer is powerful as it is the means by which we appeal to He who is most powerful.

“Pray for all the saints. Pray also for the kings, and for magistrates, and princes, and for those who persecute you and hate you, and for the enemies of the cross, that your fruit may be evident among all people.”
Letter of Polycarp to the Philippians 12.3

At some point today, pray in public.