New Account Access: Login

Your Account Access allows you to update your information, view your family info, attendance, giving/event payments and print statements. If you create a new account, please allow a few days for us to verify your information before you can view your history. Once logged in, go to GIVING. To view a specific date range, select the date range you desire using the DATE FILTERS drop down. Next, select Deductible under the TAX DEDUCTIBLE drop down. Your giving details and totals change to the date range selected on the bottom of the page. If you would like to print a statement, select GET STATEMENT on the top right, choose your desired date filter and select Yes for tax deductible, then select DOWNLOAD. Now, you can save or print your giving statement at your convenience.

Our Online Giving feature also has a new look. Simply follow the steps on the form below. Your giving history will be from September 18, 2018 going forward in the giving account. To see your full history, please use the New Account Access login above. We also have a new mobile app you can download called ELEXIO COMMUNITY; just replace the domain with hopechapel upon set-up.