Hope Chapel

Photography Ministry

Serving through the visual arts

The purpose of the photography ministry is to capture church life in still pictures. Additionally, all photos seen on our website and used in our new bulletins have been taken by photographers at Hope Chapel. We are blessed to have many talented people in our congregation that can capture the beauty of God's creation. The photos featured on this website and in our bulletins were also all shot locally, showcasing the community around us in the South Bay.

If you are interested in becoming a contributing photographer to the photo ministry, a basic understanding of camera techniques and theory is recommended. The involvement in this ministry varies. The Responsibilities include taking photos during church events and delivering them to the congregation via Flickr upload. Areas of service include Baby dedications, Baptisms, the Harvest Party and various special events throughout the year.

If you are interested in joining us contact:

Bruce Trenbeth



Where to find photos of our events

If you are looking for photos of an event you attended, or for some of the gorgeous South Bay images used on our site, please visit our Flickr site.

We also have an Instagram account where we post about things happening at the church and put up reminders for upcoming events. You can see our account or follow us on Instagram to get our updates in your feed. All our Instagram photos are also posted to our Facebook page.

Branding Photographers

Photography for our website, bulletin and branded materials

We want to acknowledge two photographers at Hope Chapel that have been dedicated to supplying us with the landscape photography you see on a weekly basis. Their photos of the South Bay and surrounding Los Angeles area are featured in our website headers and on the covers of our weekly bulletin.

Nick Rotondo

A wonderful nature photographer with an eye for landscapes. Nick is also one of our worship leaders. You can visit his photography site at nicklrotondo.com or nickrotondo.vsco.co.

Holly Mosebar

Holly is a fantastic portrait photographer with a gift for capturing natural beauty and light. She is currently finishing her photography degree at Biola. You can see more of her photos at facebook.com/HollyMosebarPhotography.

Photo Ministry Photographers

Photography of the people and events of Hope Chapel

We also want to acknowledge two primary photographers on our Hope Chapel Photography Ministry team. These men have been devoted to documenting and enhancing the life of our church. Their photos capture our community and commemorate events such as baptisms, Church Picnics, and the Harvest Party. Visit our Flickr to find their photos.

Bruce Trenbeth

Abraham Sutanto