Hope Chapel

The Good Bookstore

The Good Bookstore is in located in Hermosa Beach, California (Inside Hope Chapel) We have a variety of DVD's, bibles, Christian reference books, audio books and wholesome reading books. We also carry Christ orientated gift items for all occasions. Hope Chapel offers a variety of biblical study class. We carry all the study guides and reading material needed to attend these classes.

Times open


Tuesday- 9-2pm-call ahead

Wednesday- 9-2pm and 6pm-9pm-While classes are going

Thursday- 9-2pm- call ahead

Friday- 6:30pm-9:30pm



Call ahead (310-374-4673) Tuesday through Thursday because most of the time this is the schedule but it is subject to change cause of staffing.

We close while service is in session and open immediately after services are over.

The Good Bookstore is owned by Hope Chapel