Hope Chapel

Scott Elliott

Family Pastor | Districts 2 & 4

"Therefore go and make disciples..."

- Matthew 28:19

Scott Elliott is the Family Ministries Pastor at Hope Chapel. This ministry includes all facets of the family, including children, young adults, parents, and more. This ministry takes place through the Family Discipleship Department, which includes the Disability Ministry and ICAN. He also serves as one of our District Pastors and co-leads our College & Young Professionals ministry.

Scott has attended Hope Chapel since he was in junior high and has been on staff since 1997. He earned his B.A. degree in Biblical Studies, with a double emphasis in Pastoral Leadership & Youth Ministries from Vanguard University. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Philosophy and Ethics from Talbot School of Theology. His appetite for biblical knowledge and studies in philosophy and ethics help him to communicate God’s word effectively and understand issues that relate to our culture.

He and his wife, Louise, both grew up in the South bay and now reside in Carson, CA with their two kids and mentor to their ICAN client.  His spiritual gifts include service, teaching, leadership, & administration. He is a self-proclaimed master of miscellaneous sports and games such as ping-pong, plane-less parachuting, whiffle ball, badminton, and bowling. In the real world, he enjoys spending time chillin’ with his kids, and outdoor sports such as running and hiking.

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