Hope Chapel

Roberto Corea

Associate Pastor | Hope in Action

"Therefore go and make disciples..."

- Matthew 28:19

Roberto Corea came to know Jesus as his Savior in 1994 while courting the woman who is now his wife. Raised as a catholic, Roberto could not find it in himself to fully accept the message the doctrine taught. During the war in his home country, Nicaragua, Roberto's family sent him to Costa Rica for protection.

At 14 years old, he found myself struggling with his convictions. Having no strong foundations, Roberto sought comfort and acceptance in the street gangs of San Jose. After several years of living as he pleased, Roberto returned to his country shortly before the hand of God brought him to the United States for a more divine purpose. Little did he know that through pursuing a wife, Roberto would find an even greater love: The Greatest Love of all! HIS.

Having lived through wars, natural disasters, and his own man-made disasters, Roberto desires to share with others the forgiveness and happiness that he now has. The Lord has worked in their hearts, as a married couple, instilling a desire to serve the urban poor and the orphans.

He greatly enjoys going on mission trips, especially working in Ometepe, Nicaragua, where they have a Christian school with over 80 kids in attendance. The kids are taught the word of God and discipled by mature Christian teachers They also have installed solar panels at the Nicaragua Children Christian Center (CICRIN).

Roberto is exceedingly blessed to be able to help and share Christ with others in the South Bay and in other nations.

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