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Keith & Lois Carey

Serving the Mission Field

"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come."

- Matthew 24:14

Keith has been working with the Global Prayer Digest (GPD) since 1986 when he first joined Frontier Ventures. Frontier Ventures is dedicated to “catalyzing Kingdom breakthrough.” A catalyst is that special ingredient needed to make sure something happens. The Kingdom is the Kingdom of God. We want a Christ-centered breakthrough among every tribe, tongue, and nation, just as Jesus talked about in Matthew 24:14.

Breakthroughs don’t happen without prayer. Towards this end, Keith has been working with the GPD since 1986. The GDP has been featuring specific unreached people groups for prayer since 1982. Lois is part of a small team that makes sure the GPD and other printed materials get to people who use them.

What can you do to get on board

1. Join the worldwide GPD prayer team of 100,000 here!

2. Give of your time! Here

3. Prayerfully consider giving to Keith and Lois’ ministry! Give here.

4. The most well known project we have at Frontier Ventures is the 15-week Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class, which is often available in the South Bay! Current classes here.

Pasadena, California, USA