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Nicaragua Outreach

Serving Nicaragua

"To support the Body of Christ in Nicaragua while providing an opportunity to experience cross cultural missions work"

- Mission Statement

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, with a population of 5 million people of which half are under the age of 15. Resting upon the meeting place of the North & South American tectonic plates it is rightly named “the land of lakes and volcanoes”. Just as the earth has given way to many natural disasters because of its geographical state; the political environment has been equally tumultuous with civil wars spanning several decades. The war ended as recently as 1990 with a peace treaty between the “Contras” & the Communist Sandinista government. War has left in its wake a people in need of The True Hope only Jesus can give.

What we do

Hope for Nicaragua looks for new ways to partner with the Body of Christ in Nicaragua in an effort to bear more fruit for God’s Kingdom. We have worked with local churches and orphanages. The Nicaraguan Government has extended an invitation to have us work as an evangelical influence to reaching at risk youth in rural areas. We look forward to making the most of this God given opportunity in the near future. Simultaneously our trips allow the opportunity to experience short-term, cross-cultural ministry and become educated about world missions.

In the spring of each year we start planning our trip, building our team and raising funds. We typically travel to Nicaragua in early July and stay for two weeks. If you interested in joining us for next trip or have any questions, please call Pastor Roberto Corea at (310)-374-4673 ext145

Opportunities to Serve

Missions Team:

- Evangelism
- Education
- Health Services 
- Construction
- Children's Ministry
- Youth Ministry
- Teaching
- Translation

Support Team

- Prayer
- Fundraising
- Financial Giving
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