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Children's Ministries Volunteer


We need teachers, assistants, and youth helpers in Children's Church at all services as well as worship team, puppet team, prayer team members.

We need your help in these areas


A teacher is someone who prepares the Bible lesson, teaches the children and works with their teammates in the classroom.

Teacher Assistant

A teacher assistant helps in many different ways; they set-up for snack time, read to the children, help the kids with their craft and assist the teacher.

Youth Helper

The Youth Helper assists the Teacher and Assistant Teacher with gathering supplies, preparing the classroom, and helping the children with activities.

Children's Ministries Teacher

8 Reasons to Serve Our Children

1. Serving brings glory to the Lord. Jesus set the example for us when He washed the disciples feet. He meant this example to be a way of life for us.

2. You get to share the marvelous love of Jesus with children. You will be able to point out to them through scripture and actions that Jesus loves kids as much as adults.

3. We get to make God’s Word known to them. Children are looking for answers. We have the awesome privilege of teaching them about Jesus, the Bible, the Gospel and helping them to understand the basics of our Christian faith.

4. You get to edify them in the Lord. Whenever you greet them with a smile, share a scripture, tell a story, or sing a worship song with them you are reaching and teaching them for the Lord.

5. It is very important the parents have time to listen to the Word and be refreshed. By ministering to the children, we come alongside the parents by enabling them to attend service knowing that their children are safe while in our care.

6. We as the body of Christ, can come alongside the Children’s Ministry in supporting the Parents in training up their children in the ways of the Lord. Scripture reminds us that each of us has gifts that differ from one another and that these gifts need to be used in order for the body to work well together.

7. Children have spiritual needs. Children need to be refreshed and fed the Word just like adults. They are spiritually receptive, eager to learn and benefit from God’s love and guidance.

8. The more the better. The more servants we have involved with helping in Children’s Church the better our quality of ministry will be for the kids.

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