Hope Chapel

Hope Chapel Christian Homeschoolers Network

To Support and Encourage

The Hope Chapel Christian Homeschoolers Network exists to support and encourage Hope Chapel member families who choose to educate their children at home, striving for Godly discipleship and academic excellence while imparting a Biblical worldview into every area of their education. Encompassed within the Network are

  • Hope Chapel Academy – Providing the legal foundation, services, and academic oversight of a private Christian school, serving grades K-12 
  • Homeschool EXTRAs (Extracurricular Tools, Resources, and Activities) – Supplementing academic studies with fellowship and extracurricular activities, serving ages 3-18 
  • Homeschool HELP (Hope’s Extension Learning Program) – Administering academic classes for Christian homeschooled students in junior high and high school to augment their home-based education, serving grades 7-12


Alumni who Serve

Home education, especially Christian-based homeschooling, is proving to be a particularly effective method of allowing parents to pass along their faith, values, and worldview to their children along with teaching them the academic skills necessary to succeed in the adult world.

Over its 26 years of existence, Hope Chapel Academy and the Hope Chapel Christian Homeschoolers Network have produced alumni who serve in visible positions of leadership within the Hope Chapel congregation today: leading MiniChurches and Growth Groups, serving on Worship Teams, teaching Children’s Church, assisting in Youth Ministries, and participating in missions (both short-term trips and as long-term fulltime missionaries). These young people can and should serve as examples and inspiration to parents within the Hope Chapel congregation that children can still be brought up to love and obey the Lord wholeheartedly in spite of the increasingly secular culture in which they are being raised.

To obtain additional information, please contact Winnie Sato, at winnie.sato@hopechapel.org.