Hope Chapel

Pastor Alan Kisaka

Alan Kisaka

Associate Pastor | Worship

Alan has been a member of the Hope Chapel family since 1982,

He is one of the lead Pastors and serves in the areas of

Worship Arts and Preaching


He was born in Uganda, East Africa and came to faith there during a time when the church in Uganda was experiencing considerable persecution. 

It was during this time that he started to pursue ministry in music.

He studied music formally at Makerere College School in Uganda East Africa, where he received top student honors in music. He continued studies in music and business at Cheney State University and the University of Oregon.

He met his wife Mary at Hope Chapel and they were married in 1989.

They have four children three of whom serve in the worship ministry.



Alan along with Justin Kalama continues to shepherd a dynamic legacy of worship at Hope Chapel that involves creating worship songs that are current, accessible by all generations, and most importantly grounded in scripture.