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Leader: Pastor Dale Turner, Location: Hope Chapel
Meets Wednesdays, 6:30 – 7:30 am, Jan. 17th - Mar. 28th, 2018
No book necessary. Please bring a Bible.
No Children’s Program available.

What does a man of God look like in a godless world? We'll find out as we study 1 Timothy, the first letter Paul wrote to Timothy, a young pastor who had been a help to Paul in his work. Paul begins the letter by urging Timothy to be on guard against false teachers and false doctrine. All throughout the letter, Paul encourages Timothy to stand firm, to persevere, and to remain true to his calling in Christ - sound familiar?
Join us Wednesday mornings as we compare our lives as men of God to the man that Paul describes, and the effort it takes to fulfill that role.

  • Wednesday
  • Mens
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