Local Impact

Being Christ in our community and bringing our community to Christ.

We desire Hope Chapel to be a church that is known for being a resource and a blessing to its community. We are committed to not only preaching the Gospel, but embodying it.

At Hope Chapel, we offer a number of local outreaches that serves and ministers to the people of the South Bay community, of which the following are some examples:


A nonprofit organization that has been serving the community for 40 years. Our mission is to serve people with disabilities and their families through employment, social, and respite opportunities. Our goal is to empower people with disabilities to discover and achieve their own 'I CAN' statement.


We reach out to the poor, hungry, homeless, abused, addicted and broken-hearted in our community. We listen, pray, make referrals when necessary and most importantly, we tell them about the hope we have in Jesus.


We reach out to non-believers in our community to spread the Good News. Join us for our Evangelism Adventures Fridays and Saturdays where we put our faith into action throughout the LA area. Check out our monthly calendar available in the Fellowship Hallway.